Health Alert Jewelry provides medical alert jewelry to those who have special medical conditions and need to notify others and emergency personnel.

Health Alert Jewelry provides for adults and children attractive medical bracelets, necklaces, charms, shoe tags and watch tags which come in a variety of makes including gold filled, sterling silver, Black Hills Gold with changeable inserts, enameled & stainless steel.

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Health Alert Jewelry products provide INSTANT ACCESS IN AN EMERGENCY! No phone number to call. You have the information right on you! This is especially important in accidents and weather related power failures.

All Health Alert Jewelry items bear the official emergency medical alert symbol designed by the American Medical Association for universal use.

All are custom engraved with your medical and contact information. All bracelets are engraved on both sides.

Medical jewelry is vital for special medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, implants, alzheimers, allergies, special medications, etc.

Gold filled and sterling silver bracelets are excellent for dress occasions. Black Hills Gold necklaces and bracelets are stunning 10 and 12 karat jewelry pieces with gold filled engraved inserts which can be updated if your information changes. Combination sterling silver and high polish stainless steel bracelets give a classy look for half the price. Beautiful hard fired enameled necklaces with unique easy-to-read backs are a real bargain.

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